Tapestry Weaving Kit - Tiny Loom Size

Tapestry Weaving Kit - Tiny Loom Size


Our small tapestry weaving loom kit is perfect for classes, beginners, small projects and traveling.


(1) Tiny 3.25”w x 7” h, 6 dent per inch hand loom

(1) Short acrylic weaving needle, 5" long*

(1) Acrylic weaving comb*

(1) Shed stick*

(1) Small ball of warp thread


  • Loom lays completely flat on the table to weave or can be hand held

  • Needle has a cinching eye to hold thin to medium yarns in place (no slipping out)

  • Tiny comb can be worn around a finger or on a string around your neck for easy access (no more picking up and setting down if you don’t want to)

  • Top and bottom bars of the loom have small slits to cinch the warp, make beginning and ending your warp easy

  • Acrylic teeth make the warping process very smooth

  • Handy measurements mark the loom center and one inch increments to each end to easily plan your design

  • Acrylic accents on loom can easily be changed out if you decide you want a new color or different spacing.


  • Handmade in Madison, Wisconsin

  • Loom made from solid maple wood with acrylic accents

  • Choose from these acrylic colors: white, black, peachy pink, olive, lilac and translucent green

We do our best to take photos that accurately represent our products but computer and phone screens vary so actual color of the wood and acrylic may be different than it appears in photos.

*These tools are handmade by a person so sizing will vary slightly. As with all acrylic or wood tools, take good care not to drop or put tons of tension on them to prevent breakage.

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