Indigo Turkish Towel Dye Kit

Indigo Turkish Towel Dye Kit

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Shi-boring? Not a chance! Our Indigo Turkish Towel Kit’ll have you doing the fun stuff in no time. There’s no searching for the right yadda yaddas and blah blahs, and no special supply runs necessary. It’s ALL in the box. Exactly what you need to let your mind and indigo-(un)stained hands run wild. 

How you design your Turkish towel DIY kit and what you do with it are both up to you. We’ll tell you how to prepare the indigo dye and provide a video link of Made Kit shibori design techniques. You take it (anywhere you want) from there. You’re the creative in charge!

What’s in the box? 

  • Super soft, absorbent and sand-resistant peshtemal Turkish towel (choose a one pack or three pack)

  • One indigo vat’s worth of pre-measured indigo, thiox and soda ash (chemistry degree not required)

  • (2) Sturdy, reusable 2.5" acrylic squares that won’t warp like their wood alternatives

  • Aw, snap! A bunch of rubber bands 

  • Sturdy household gloves that’ll keep those hands and fingers stain-free

  • Easily understandable, written how-to-make your indigo dye vat instructions

  • Video link to see shibori design techniques in motion

Each kit makes a vat that will dye up to 15 yards of fabric. So make your towel AND pick up some natural material pillow cases, tees, flour sack towels or fabric to make even more. If stored properly, your vat will stay for up to a month. 

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Tell me about this towel.

  • 39 x 70 in
  • 100% Turkish cotton
  • Hand loomed in Turkey
  • Machine washable – gets softer with every wash
  • Super versatile – use as a sarong, scarf, beach/picnic towel, handbag, table cloth, curtains, head scarf, + more