Tiny Weaving Comb

Tiny Weaving Comb


This little weaving comb is lightweight, functional and cute to boot. The circular cut out makes holding it during weaving easy - keep on your finger so you never have to put it down, hold in between your fingers for a comfortable fit and/or tie around your neck with a string for easy access when you need it. Works perfectly with our small or tiny hand loom.


  • 1/8″h x 1″w and 3″ long

  • Teeth about 1/4″ long

  • Available in white, black, translucent green, peachy pink, olive or lilac

Handcrafted in Madison, Wisconsin.

*As with all acrylic or wood tools, take good care not to drop or put tons of tension on them to prevent breakage.

Minimum order is 10 tools (can mix & match tools to get to minimum quantity)

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